Taken during my solo trip to Croatia.

Uncaging my courage.

I’ve always had this sense of not feeling like I fit in to any one place, until I lived in Okinawa, Japan for two years in high school. That is where there was an intersection of all the stirrings within, allowing me to feel more myself than at any other time in my life. Writing, photography, learning a new language, and exploring a new culture were all a part of my life—all things that I still enjoy to this day.

As the years tick by the voice of my adventurous, curious inner child keeps getting louder. She’s happy I’ve been uncaging more of my courage, but she’s restless for it to be taken to the next level. Sure, the courage to try adventurous activities, embark on solo travels, and say yes in bigger, bolder ways makes her happy. But she’s ready to live out that intersection of exploration, excitement, and curiosity she experienced in high school.

Adulthood and all its responsibilities have a way of drowning out the voice of our inner child. I had pushed mine aside to only live out snippets of my dreams, to sprinkle in a dash of excitement when convenient. I had forgotten my responsibility of honoring her by really listening.  Life is too precious to not uncage our courage and live life more fully. So for me, my next chapter unfolds.

As I pull back the curtains to share my adventures, I hope to inspire you to uncage your courage and live the life you’ve imagined—to let your dreams roam free in the world where they belong.


A note on writing and photography.

Writing is something I often turn to. I love how you can string together a series of words to create a woven tapestry plucked from the depths of your soul.

Then there’s photography, another creative form that has always been a part of me. The camera is a beautiful tool that allows you to tell a story through images when words alone are not enough.

I feel that writing and photography are a dance between how one sees the world and how one interprets it. Both can leave a lasting impression on the observer.   

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Uncage your courage and live your life fully.


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